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Barre class is a full body workout. It incorporates elements of ballet, dance, yoga, and Pilates while using props such as light weights, a ballet barre, resistance bands, exercise balls, and more. Its low impact, high intensity movements focused on cardio, strength training, and stretching will leave your whole body shaking from working all of your muscles!


VINYASA CLASS: Our Vinyasa classes are upbeat with creative sequencing that connects your breath to movement. Easy to follow alignment cues and flows set to great music really allow you to explore your practice and go easy or take it to the next level if you're feeling it. Great class to get stretchy and strong!


POWER YOGA FLOW: Take it up a notch with this spicy Vinyasa Class. Moving maybe a little faster and working towards getting little deeper into poses and trying new things. If you're looking to advance your asana practice check this class out!


GENTLE YOGA: This class is a great way to unwind, reset, and restore. With elements of Hatha, restoritive, and Yin you'll really get the opportunity to slow down and breathe into your poses. A nice little treat for your body to really open up, reduce stress levels and reenergize yourself.   


BODY WISE YOGA & RELEASE: This class focuses on stretching, realigning, and restoring the neck, shoulders, low back, hips and knees. Class includes yoga, Pilates, and myofascial release, while incorporating the use of foam rollers, peanut balls and other props.


Founded by Joseph Pilates as a way to recover from a back injury, Pilates Mat class is designed to strengthen your core & postural muscles as well as arms and legs. Moving with awareness and breath, the mat work helps you gain control over your muscles while strengthen them. The class can be done using just body resistance or by incorporating props. Toning, flexibility, better posture and more efficient movement are all results of the over 500 mat exercises. 


Dance is an open level, upbeat class, open to anyone who wants to get moving. No previous experience or technique required! Just show up ready to move and try new things. Classes incorporate Ballet and Modern dance along with elements of contemporary and hip-hop. All classes start with a warmup, then will move into center and across the floor work, ending with learning new choreography.

Please wear sneakers for this class!

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